Trade is win-win for Browns, Colt McCoy

The Cleveland Browns traded backup quarterback Colt McCoy to the San Francisco 49ers on Monday in what was a win-win for the Browns and their deposed starter. The Browns dealt McCoy and a sixth-round pick (173rd overall) in exchange for the 49ers' picks in the fifth (164th overall) and seventh rounds (227th overall), according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

This was more than what the Browns could have ever envisioned in getting rid of McCoy. The Browns essentially got to move up nine spots into the fifth round and added an extra seventh-rounder for McCoy, whom they were going to release (getting no compensation) if a trade didn't occur. McCoy had no chance of making the roster after Cleveland signed Jason Campbell last week.

McCoy is also a winner in this move. Like kicker Phil Dawson, McCoy gets to go from a perennial last-place team to a Super Bowl one. It's a nice reward for McCoy, who was a consummate professional even after the Browns drafted his replacement last year in Brandon Weeden.

It was a bad match when the Browns used a third-round pick on McCoy in 2010. He lacked a strong arm, which is a necessity to throw in the lakefront winds of Cleveland. McCoy went 6-15 as the Browns' starter.

McCoy's last start for the Browns was a historic one. In December 2011, he suffered a nasty concussion after James Harrison leveled him with a helmet-to-helmet hit. It led to Harrison becoming the first player to get suspended under the NFL's enhanced enforcement of player safety violations. It also caused the league to put independent neurologists at every NFL game to better monitor players with head injuries.

Now, McCoy gets a much-needed fresh start in San Francisco, where he will compete against Scott Tolzien to be the backup to Colin Kaepernick.