Mel Kiper impressed with Ravens' offseason

ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. was a big fan of the Baltimore Ravens' draft, giving the Super Bowl champions an A-minus in April. He is also impressed by what the Ravens accomplished throughout the offseason overall.

Kiper ranked the Ravens among the top five teams who did the best work in the draft and free agency. The others were: the Kansas City Chiefs, St. Louis Rams, Atlanta Falcons and Arizona Cardinals.

It's an Insider article, so you'll need a subscription to read Kiper's full evaluation. Here is an excerpt of what Kiper had to say about the Ravens' offseason:

They lost a lot, but I don't think they're any worse. You don't have to love Joe Flacco, but he has proved he can help them win at the highest level and he is now locked in. No team assumes it can play for Super Bowls year in and year out. The best you can do is give yourself a chance to compete for them; the Ravens do that as well as any organization.

It's hard not to be impressed with what Baltimore did since hoisting up the Lombardi Trophy. After losing Paul Kruger in free agency, the Ravens upgraded the pass rush with Elvis Dumervil. When they didn't re-sign Ed Reed, they got a better value in adding Michael Huff. The Ravens got younger on defense (top two picks were safety Matt Elam and linebacker Arthur Brown), got better on run defense (Chris Canty and Marcus Spears) and, let's not forget, got their franchise quarterback signed for at least another three years.

Kiper points out that the biggest question remains at wide receiver. Baltimore didn't make a significant addition to that position after trading Anquan Boldin to the San Francisco 49ers. Still, the Ravens' gains certainly outweigh their losses this offseason.