Cam Cameron gets his ring from Ravens

Cam Cameron received a Super Bowl ring from the Baltimore Ravens on Tuesday, even though he was fired as their offensive coordinator with three games remaining in the regular season.

“Honestly, it meant a lot,” Cameron told The Baltimore Sun. “I’m very appreciative of the people in Baltimore and obviously the leadership of the Ravens for that gesture. It meant a tremendous amount. It meant a lot to my family.”

This is a classy move by the Ravens, particularly when you consider the firing of Cameron was one of the catalysts for the team's Super Bowl run. In 13 games with Cameron, the Ravens averaged 344.3 yards per game. In seven games under Jim Caldwell, Baltimore recorded 400.5 yards per game.

Would the Ravens have won the Super Bowl with Cameron as their offensive coordinator? Probably not. I don't see Cameron loosening the reins on Joe Flacco like Caldwell did in the second half of the AFC Championship Game in New England. I also don't believe Flacco is allowed to make that crucial audible on third-and-1 in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl with Cameron calling the plays.

I didn't write this post to bash Cameron. To his credit, he made the Ravens' offense much better than what it was under former coach Brian Billick. Cameron just never reached the valid expectations for an offense that has a young quarterback in his prime and one of the best running backs in the league.

In the end, the Ravens made the right move by firing Cameron and followed it up with the classy gesture of giving him a ring. Cameron, though, said he isn't going to keep it. He promised his stepfather that he would give his first Super Bowl ring to him.

Cameron posted a picture of his ring on Twitter, writing, "Thank you, Baltimore."