Harbaugh unaware of potential challenge

DENVER -- One of the turning points in the Baltimore Ravens' 49-27 loss to the Denver Broncos on Thursday night came early in the third quarter, when wide receiver Wes Welker trapped a ball that kept an eventual touchdown drive alive.

Replays showed Welker letting a third-and-9 pass hit the ground, which would've sent the Broncos' punting unit onto the field. Three plays later, Peyton Manning hit Andre Caldwell for a 28-yard touchdown to put the Broncos ahead 21-17, a lead they would never relinquish.

It was originally believed that Manning hurried to the line and got the next play off before the Ravens could challenge. But coach John Harbaugh wasn't aware of the play until after the game when a team spokesman told him about it.

"That's something we got to see," Harbaugh said. "It'd be nice if NBC would show that and get a chance to look at it. We never saw that."