Is this Jason Campbell's two-game zenith?

The question has been raised whether Jason Campbell is playing the best quarterback of his career.

It’s a bit of an odd question, given Campbell has just started two games and two games is hardly a trend.

But these are the Cleveland Browns in the discussion so any positive stat in a storm will do.

And the case can indeed be made that Campbell is indeed playing the best quarterback of his career.

The key number: The NFL’s quixotic passer rating number, which for the past two games is 110.9.

That’s higher than any other two-game stretch in his career.

The key: Campbell has not thrown an interception as a starter. In a two-game stretch in Washington in 2009, he had more yards, a higher yards per attempt and five TDs -- but he also threw an interception.

One oddity about these two-game streaks that may reflect as much on the teams Campbell played for as anything: He never won both games.

But in a purely subjective analysis, the case can indeed be made that these are the best two games of Campbell’s career.

With another good game, Campbell could even set the best three-game mark of his career. In 2007 in Washington, he threw for 820 yards, seven touchdowns and three interceptions. His rating in those games: 97.1. His team’s record: 1-2.

So ... yes ... the Cleveland Browns can say they are getting Jason Campbell at the apex of his career.