Flacco not a fan of Ravens' wildcat offense

BALTIMORE -- In Sunday's 19-3 win over the New York Jets, the Baltimore Ravens added a wrinkle to a struggling offense by using backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor in a wildcat attack. It drew cheers from the fans at M&T Bank Stadium, but not from quarterback Joe Flacco.

Asked about the wildcat, Flacco said, "It's good and fun for a little bit. But that's about it."

A reporter then asked Flacco if he enjoys lining up at wide receiver in the wildcat.

"I don't want to be lining up at Z and X (wide receiver spots)," Flacco said. "I want to line up behind center."

No one should be surprised by Flacco making his opinion known. All you had to do is watch Flacco line up at wide receiver. He was so disinterested that he kept his hands in his front pouch and barely moved off the line after the ball was snapped.

It's easy to see why Flacco feels this is a slap in the face. The Ravens paid him $120.6 million to throw the ball and not split out wide. But he shouldn't be too offended. Even the Pittsburgh Steelers ran the wildcat with Ben Roethlisberger and he's won two Super Bowls.

Taylor lined up at quarterback for five of the Ravens' 62 plays and generated excitement early until the Jets dropped him for losses of six and seven yards on his final two carries. He finished with seven yards on four carries and didn't complete his only pass attempt.

"We've talked about getting Tyrod more involved," coach John Harbaugh said. "He's a special athlete. He happens to play quarterback. He's a quarterback -- I want to emphasize that. But he's also got other skills that he can help us with."

Will the Ravens use the wildcat more in the future?

"I can't tell you," Harbaugh said. "I can't comment on that, as you all know. We'll see."

If you ask the reigning Super Bowl Most Valuable Player, the Ravens wouldn't use it again.