Cleveland Browns' projected roster

Examining the Cleveland Browns' roster:

Quarterbacks (3)

I wonder if Warren Harding's election campaign in 1920 received one-tenth the coverage of Hoyer V. Manziel. Thigpen actually looked better in the game than he had in practice. Connor Shaw seems like a practice squad candidate.

Running backs (3)

There hasn't been an Isaiah Crowell sighting in days. Dion Lewis' fumble in Detroit won't help him. Ogbonnaya has great value on special teams, as his touchdown-saving tackle on a punt return showed.

Fullbacks (2)

Gray can do things.

Wide receivers (5)

We’ll assume that Josh Gordon is suspended. If he’s not, add him and remove Johnson. Willie Snead made strides in practice, but didn't in the game. He needs to do better.

Tight ends (3)

The Browns are well fortified with the three tight ends they have.

Offensive linemen (9)

Wallace has been impressive playing behind Thomas. The right guard competition between Gilkey and Greco seems to have turned solidly in Greco's favor.

Defensive linemen (7)

A deep group with a lot of talent. Coaches should be able to keep fresh linemen on the field and keep active linemen playing.

Linebackers (8)

Mingo has played consistently well. Martin has flashed in some practices. Sheard is a linebacker who will also play with his hand down. A sixth receiver would mean the Browns keep just seven linebackers, but if it's eight the decision comes down to Staples or Zac Diles.

Cornerbacks (6)

The most interesting competition remains between Skrine and Gilbert to see who starts opposite Haden. Gilbert has come on.

Safeties (4)

The Browns clearly were concerned about safety depth, so they signed 30-something Leonhard. That bumps Johnson Bademosi, an aggressive player who has made some mistakes. Poyer started in Gipson's absence and got a ton of reps. The coaches must like him.

Specialists (3)

No need to change anything here from last season, as all were strong and dependable contributors.