Todd Haley hopes to cool off Snoop Dogg

PITTSBURGH -- Snoop Dogg voiced his displeasure with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night in a profanity-laced video he posted on Instagram, and the famous rapper directed his ire at offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

Haley’s response?

He will try to get Snoop Dogg to cool down -- literally.

Haley plans to take the Ice Bucket Challenge and then challenge Snoop Dogg to do the same, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has raised millions of dollars and become a national phenomenon because of how it gets passed along.

People who volunteer to have a bucket of ice water dumped on them challenge others to do the same after they have received their cold shower or donated $100 to ALS research.

Many who have participated in the fundraiser have done both, and Haley will also use it to have a little fun with Snoop Dogg, a noted Steelers fan.

Snoop Dogg ripped Haley during the Steelers’ 31-21 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, and he called on coach Mike Tomlin to fire Haley, who is in his third season as offensive coordinator.

The Steelers’ starters did not score a touchdown against the Eagles until the third quarter, after Philadelphia had scored the game’s first 24 points on the way to the easy win.

“Obviously, we didn’t play very well,” Steelers tight end Heath Miller said. “It took us three quarters to get on the board and I think we would all agree that we are better than that.”

Miller did not advocate anything as extreme as Snoop Dogg.

He and the rest of the Steelers watched film from the loss to the Eagles Saturday afternoon at team headquarters.

“Often times [a loss] is never as bad as you think it is and hopefully that’s the case,” Miller said. “We were on the verge of points a couple of times and we just didn’t finish off. We’ll be excited to get back at it.”