Joe Flacco would be surprised if Ravens received rude homecoming

OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- The struggling Baltimore Ravens play in M&T Bank Stadium for only the third time this season Sunday, when they host the San Diego Chargers.

Will this be a warm homecoming? Or will the home crowd vent its frustration over a disappointing season?

Quarterback Joe Flacco said he "would definitely be surprised" if fans turned on the Ravens (1-6) despite having the worst record in the NFL.

"Throughout the course of games when you’re not playing well and things like that, you can feel people get upset. It’s just part of how it is," Flacco said. "But in terms of a consistent basis and a game-to-game basis, I don’t know anything else but Baltimore coming out and supporting their teams."

Flacco has spoiled Ravens fans since he arrived in 2008, guiding Baltimore to the playoffs in six of seven seasons. Before this season, he led the Ravens to the second-best home record in the NFL (45-11, .804), which only trailed the New England Patriots.

But the Ravens lost their first two home games in a season for the first time since M&T Bank Stadium opened in 1998.

"We have some tough fans," cornerback Lardarius Webb said. "You're going to have some loyal fans that are going to be there and support us no matter what. Then you're going to have the bandwagons who, when we lose a couple, kind of move on."

The Ravens are one of two teams not to win a game at home this season (the Tennessee Titans are the other). Baltimore is looking to avoid its first three-game home losing streak since 2007. In fact, the Ravens have never lost more than two home games in a season under Flacco and coach John Harbaugh.

But Flacco and the Ravens have had their tough moments at home. It was only last December when fans booed the Ravens after they trailed the Cleveland Browns by a touchdown in the third quarter.

"At the end of the day, these people and this city are entitled good football," Flacco said. "And when you’re not getting it, you can understand.”