Morning take: Steelers' D is back

Here are the most interesting stories Tuesday in the AFC North:

Morning take: If Pittsburgh's D plays lights out like it did in Week 1, the team should be in every game. Can the offense score just enough to win?

Morning take: Despite all the trash-talking beforehand, it's good that both teams can compliment one another after a hard-fought game. These teams play very similarly, so it wouldn't make sense for each club not to respect that.

  • Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis says receiver Terrell Owens had a shoe issue, and that's why he went into the locker room early Sunday and missed the final play before halftime.

Morning take: I haven't written much about this, because it made no impact on the final outcome. The Bengals have at least a half-dozen bigger issues to worry about from their Week 1 performance.

  • The Cleveland Browns spread the blame after their loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Morning take: The game was ugly in a lot of ways for Cleveland. The Browns don't get a break, either, as it turna out the Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) will be no pushover.