Colts' push for bigger OL underway

At 6-foot-8 and 335 pounds, Adam Terry is a giant.

The Colts' new tackle is two inches taller and 15 pounds heavier than any Colts offensive lineman from 2009.

At 6-4 and, 310, Andy Alleman qualifies as a big guard.

Clearly Indy’s push to get bigger on the offensive line is underway. And adding two low-cost players when they cannot bring in any true unrestricted free agents because of the final eight rule is a good start.

But while they may be altering their philosophy on size, we don’t yet know if they are changing their philosophy on value. These two acquisitions are underachieving players who were set to be restricted free agents and weren’t rated as tender worthy by Baltimore or Kansas City, respectively.

Pete Metzelaars is expected to be promoted to take the place of the retired Howard Mudd, with Ron Prince added to the staff to also work with the offensive line.

Terry and Alleman have to rate as projects for them -- and this is a team with a good history of plugging in players like this and getting a lot more out of them than other teams could or would.

The Colts need a return man, though there is no assurance based on his history that Bill Polian will draft one. They need to replenish their depth at cornerback. But offensive line is their biggest need, as they look to replace the released left guard Ryan Lilja and upgrade from left tackle Charlie Johnson and right guard Kyle DeVan.

Terry and Alleman give the Colts some bigger options in the mix.

If they are going in that direction, I’d expect they’ll be joined by a bigger draft pick or two.