Second round of calls a smart idea

While poking around for a little contact on LeGarrette Blount, I came across this very interesting item from Phil Barber.

He said that Mike Singletary makes another round of phone calls after the draft to get a new layer of information on the 49ers picks.

"You expect coaches to speak to the people surrounding potential picks -- coaches, teammates, family members -- before the draft. They call it due diligence. But guess how Singletary spent [Sunday] and [Monday]. Calling those same people to ask what he can do to get his new draft picks, and even undrafted free agents, ready to succeed at the NFL level.

"Singletary made the point that the coaches and moms, etc., have a vested interest in telling you how great a kid is before draft day. After his destination is sealed, that's when they can really help you figure out the athlete's needs and motivations. I talked to the coach for five minutes and wound up with an NFL education."

I’ve never heard of that before, and perhaps others use a similar tactic. I think it’s an excellent idea and I think the people fielding those calls have to be impressed that they are hearing from a head coach in that time frame.

If it's not a part of their routine, other coaches should consider adding it.