Best Colts team of all time

For an upcoming project, I need to select the best Colts team of all time.

While I know a lot of Colts fans consider Indianapolis a different team than Baltimore, for this we’re looking at all the Colts teams, from Maryland and Indiana.

So I am looking for your input as I sort through the bests.

We start with the championship teams:

  • The 1958 Colts were 10-3 and beat the Giants for the NFL title in overtime at Yankee Stadium in what became known as The Greatest Game Ever Played. Four starters on offense and one on defense are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

  • The 1959 Colts were 10-3 after their NFL championship game win over the Giants. They had the same five Pro Bowlers as the 1958 team.

  • The 1968 Colts were 15-2, won the NFL title but lost Super Bowl III to the Jets in a game that really solidified the merger that was completed in 1970. These Colts had eight Pro Bowlers in the starting lineup.

  • The 1970 Colts were 14-2-1and beat Dallas in Super Bowl V.

  • The 2006 Colts were 16-4 and beat Chicago in Super Bowl XLI. Five players on offense were Pro Bowlers in the first Super Bowl appearance for the franchise since its move to Indianapolis.

Please let me know what you think.