A look at roster retention

Turnovers are bad.

Turnover is OK.

Holding a team together isn’t always a good thing. Plenty of teams believe a certain percentage of their roster needs to turn over every year to keep things fresh and to get younger.

Mike Sando over at NFC West Blog HQ put together this fine chart about retention rates around the NFL. (Here is his post about it.)

The Jaguars, in their second year under a new GM, got rid of a lot of people last season and are now focused on building around the key pieces they have. They rank eighth with a .839 retention rate.

While Sando breaks down starters and backups, some of this is best viewed with additional context.

Are the players lost viewed as addition by subtraction (John Henderson)? Were they looking for more money than the team was willing to pay (Dunta Robinson)? Were they judged to be too old (Kevin Mawae, Keith Bulluck)?

Retention Rates Since 2009 Week 17