Offseason indications good on Vince Young

On the one-year anniversary of Steve McNair’s death, his friend Vince Young will spend time with McNair’s mother.

Here is Jim Wyatt’s story about it.

It’s a classy move by a guy who’s often showed good touch on such difficult matters.

Despite Young’s assault citation recently at a Dallas strip club, indications from the Titans are he’s made great football strides this offseason. He’s been notoriously moody throughout his career, but has maintained an upbeat attitude through the bulk of the spring and summer.

In years' past, Young’s had receivers down to Houston during the break between OTAs, which wrap up Friday, and camp. This year he said the gathering will go on the road and take place in San Diego, though details have yet to be ironed out and it’s always hard to get everyone.

I think they hope to open things up a little more for him this season, and are guardedly optimistic.

Like most of us, they want to see him execute consistently over a full season.

If he does, he’ll likely entrench himself as the man for the Titans. If he doesn’t we’ll circle back to all of the familiar questions about his future.