Mailbag: Return with a vengeance edition

Chuck in Indy writes: Your blog was about the AFC South which was created in 2002. You can`t go back before that with the Colts because they were in the AFC East prior to 2002. Why did you overlook the Titans/Oilers old records?

Paul Kuharsky: If you look at it again, you’ll find Houston teams are first and second runners-up. So how did I overlook them?

The assignment was the best team in each franchise’s history. If their history extends beyond realignment -- and they all do except Houston -- then all that was considered. You wanted best teams since realignment? Boy would that have been boring.

Bond Brady from NYC writes: You are a disgrace to the profession of journalism. The Baltimore Colts should never be included with the version in Indy when discussing greatest teams. As long as you perpetuate the lie that Johnny Unitas played for Indy your journalistic integrity is in jeopardy. The 1958 Baltimore Colts should be included under the Baltimore Ravens. You need to either take a history lesson or go back to journalism school to learn about integrity. Until you do, your writings are a disgrace to world of sports.

Paul Kuharsky: Interesting world view.

I suggest you get yourself a Colts media guide. It includes all the Baltimore Colts' history. I didn’t decide the franchise would carry its history to Indianapolis. The team and the league did, and they are allowed to make such a decision. The Irsays own the franchise. They can do with it what they want. It’s pretty simple, really.

By the way, that’s the way it’s worked for every team that’s relocated with only one exception, when the Browns turned into the Ravens and left their history in Cleveland. Warren Moon played for the Oilers who are now the Titans. It would be foolish to say he played for the Texans.

I never said Unitas played for Indy. I said he played for the Colts. That’s indisputable. The franchise is the Colts -- not Baltimore or the Ravens or even Indianapolis, but the Colts.

So I’ve not committed any sort of journalistic crime, and you really should take a breath.

Andy in Jacksonville, Fla., writes: Now, I'm not trying to belabor this point but I can't believe you think Colts have such a significant talent level over the Jaguars. I'm assuming you're just considering starters because I'd take the Jaguars TEs over the Colts. Is Dallas Clark better than Marcedes Lewis? Depends on what you're judging, as a pass catcher, yes, as a blocker no way. The fact you think the Colts LBs are better still blows me away. Gary Brackett? Really, Paul? You consider Clint Session better than Daryl Smith? The same Daryl Smith that Profootballfocus.com rated as the Number One Outside 4-3 Linebacker. As for the Colts CBs, why? Is Kelvin Hayden really better than Rashean Mathis? Is Jerraud Powers better than Derek Cox? They've got a better pass rush up front but as far as talent goes, it's a tie. Come on, Paul. I'm not saying the Jags are as talented as the Colts, but I think some positions need to be re-evaluated.

Paul Kuharsky: Dallas Clark is better at doing what the Colts ask him to do than Marcedes Lewis is at what the Jaguars ask him to do. Pretty simple.

And sight unseen, outside of OTA work, I think Brody Eldridge gives Indy a boost at the position too. Ernest Wilford’s had an excellent offseason in Jacksonville. Still, advantage Colts.

Gary Brackett is excellent, as is Clint Session. They are two guys. Daryl Smith is one. Advantage Colts. (Pro Football Focus is very interesting. But not always gospel.)

The Colts’ corners were a major part of a defense that limited big plays. As a group, the corners are better in their system than the Jaguars’ are in theirs.

I don’t mean to beat up on the Jaguars, who are moving in a pretty good direction. But the talent gap is significant and I am not compelled to offer any changes to my scorecard.