Colts atop opening power rankings

I think the Indianapolis Colts are going to be very good again, and based on the health of Bob Sanders and Anthony Gonzalez, they could well beat the Saints in a rematch. Trouble is that rematch right now wouldn’t matter, and Indy lost the game that did matter, Super Bowl XLIV.

Things aren’t so different with the two Super Bowl teams that I am willing to flip-flop them atop my power rankings ballot. The Saints earned the No. 1 spot and keep it until something goes wrong for them in the 2010 season.

But other on the panel felt differently, and the Colts sit No. 1 in our preseason poll.

The rest of the AFC South:

Houston is 14th, Tennessee is 18th and Jacksonville is 26th.

Further down the list, if you object to some movement, I understand.

But when I sat back to do these, I found teams I like that just had to move upwards, particularly Baltimore and Atlanta near the top, and Miami and Washington later on.

While I don’t think Arizona will plummet, I did drop the Cards as well as the Bengals, who I think fall back to third place in the AFC North.

Here's Mike Sando's breakdown of the vote.