Kareem Jackson meet Andre Johnson

Kareem Jackson will likely line up across from Reggie Wayne or Pierre Garcon on opening day, with Peyton Manning carefully watching his every move.

JacksonJacksonThe Texans feel like the first-round pick came into the league ready to play and should be even more prepared based on their camp plan for him: heavy doses of Andre Johnson.

“You got to think about who we are getting him ready to play against,” Gary Kubiak said Tuesday according to a team transcript. “We are going to line up against No. 80 (Andre Johnson) all day long. I’d told him in front of his teammates [Monday] a lot of guys might get a false impressive where they’re at as a player. You won’t have when you come out this camp because you’ll working against one of the best. That’s what we got to get him ready to do.”

The Houston Texans will sink or swim with Jackson as their top corner, opposite Glover Quin, a youngster who’s already had good moments and is loved by Kubiak but who’s also still establishing himself.

The two are big questions. They will benefit greatly from positive answers at two other questions spots: They need better play at free safety, where Eugene Wilson is returning from injury, and a more reliable pass rush that won’t let quarterbacks drop back and assess the secondary without being harassed.

I look forward to seeing Jackson work against Drew Brees and the Saints receivers in a couple weeks when they have joint practices before a preseason game.