Does Schobel make sense in Houston?

Would adding Aaron Schobel be the right move for the Texans?

They are obviously determined to rush better, and he can certainly rush the passer.

But with Mario Williams, Antonio Smith and Connor Barwin they’ve got three ends they like, so where would Schobel fit? Would adding him force Smith, a costly free-agent addition a year ago, inside or off the field too often? Would adding him help stunt the growth of Barwin, a 2009 second-rounder, by taking some snaps from him?

You can never have enough of a pass rush. Schobel’s from near Houston and has said the Texans are the team he’d most like to link up with. He’s connected to defensive line coach Bill Kollar. I can’t argue with the move if they make it.

But I’d prefer if he was a free safety.

UPDATE, 2:03 p.m.:

According a team transcript Kollar said this about Smith Wednesday afternoon:

“Antonio, just like last year, when he moves inside and we move him inside, you really start to see him produce and make more plays. He was more effective for us last year when we moved him inside and obviously, we’ll be doing the same thing this year a bunch. He keeps getting better all the time at defensive end but he really played more inside when he was in Arizona and that’s where he feels more comfortable. He’s been doing a good job so far.”

I don’t know if Smith’s every going to be a fulltime tackle, but if he’s at his best there, a Williams-Schobel-Barwin trio at end could sure be promising against Peyton Manning.