Polian won't call Manning No. 1 player

ANDERSON, Ind. -- We just posted my news story off Bill Polian’s most recent comments regarding a new contract for Peyton Manning, and there isn’t much new there.

Of the most interest was that the Colts president was unwilling to say what 31 other personnel chiefs would likely be quick to admit: That Manning is the best player in the league.

“He’s certainly among the top four or five. I don’t get into those [ratings], that’s a parallel universe question. I can’t tell you who the greatest players of all-time are. I can take a guess on the top 100, I’m probably old enough to have seen 75 of them and have an opinion, but I don’t get into who’s the best. That’s in the eye of the beholder.”

I think that is partially posturing and partially an attempt to be modest.

Polian doesn’t care that many NFL fans suffer from Manning overload.

He does care that his boss, owner Jim Irsay, has said that Manning will be the league’s highest-paid player. Agent Tom Condon, is a reasonable guy and top negotiator who’s got a long-standing and smooth relationship with Polian.

But Irsay’s comment is probably enough fodder for Condon at the bargaining table. I suspect Polian didn’t feel the need to offer any more.