Matt Leinart not a bad idea for Texans

Gary Kubiak is a capable quarterback developer.

Much of Matt Schaub’s success is thanks to Kubiak’s mentoring. Say what you will about Sage Rosenfels, but he was a more valuable quarterback when the Texans dealt him away than when they got him. Rex Grossman’s year in Houston allowed him to revive his career as a backup and move on to Washington.

Dan Orlovsky, however, has been a dud. We hear from Kubiak about what a good camp he’s had and how a couple really bad decisions in preseason games aren’t enough to wash it away. But the fact is, as with the vast majority of teams, if the starter goes down the Texans are in trouble.

Enter Matt Leinart.

He won't cure anything now for the Texans -- he needs rebuilding. But Kubiak and quarterbacks coach Greg Knapp can work with Leinart behind the scenes and try to "fix" him. I think it starts with a combination of confidence and realization of the work that needs to be done, and I think they can do good work in those departments.

Seems to me it's not a particularly risky investment and could have a lot of upside. He surely didn't get big dollars. If they can turn him around, they’ll have a guy to bump Orlovsky down, or off, the depth chart.

If not, they'll have lost only a little money and time.