What I think they're thinking

What I think they’re thinking at the four team headquarters in the AFC South ...

Houston Texans

We’re going to be pretty good.

Our guys will hear a lot of talk about how we can’t beat the Indianapolis Colts this weekend. We need to strike a delicate balance. Our guys need to know we can beat them and they have to see the confidence of the coaches in the plan to do so. But they also can’t put too much on it. If this is our Super Bowl and we should lose it, we can’t leave ourselves in position where it’s too difficult to say afterward that it was just one of 16. The bandwagon adds passengers with a win, loses many with a loss. If we lose, let’s just make sure we don’t give it to them.

Indianapolis Colts

We’re going to be pretty good.

Sure, a game in Houston to start isn’t an easy task. But if we do our thing and worry very little about them, it should turn out fine. There is a major psychological upper hand here, and we don’t intend to surrender even a morsel of it. We’ve got three beat-up guys on the offensive line in Jeff Saturday, Charlie Johnson and Tony Ugoh, so we won’t know who’s going to be blocking for Peyton Manning and Joseph Addai until just before kickoff. No matter for us. The big plays at the big moments will come from our guys.

Jacksonville Jaguars

We’re going to be pretty good.

There will be a lot of hype about Tim Tebow’s homecoming this week and we expect to see him in the game in a few touchdown-scoring situations. If that storyline angers us, so be it. We just have to be sure to channel that anger in a way that will benefit us. Our defensive front is rebuilt, their line is overrated. Let’s hit Kyle Orton the way we failed to hit quarterbacks last year. Let’s hit him in a way where he won’t have the time to try to go after our weak safeties. And after all the concern about Maurice Jones-Drew, let’s do all we can for him to have a big day.

Tennessee Titans

We’re going to be pretty good.

The Raiders are no soft spot. Their defense is better; good enough to cause us problems. And who knows how their offense has transformed with Jason Campbell, a semi-capable quarterback, taking snaps? We’ll look to do our thing, which means a steady diet of Chris Johnson on offense and a big effort from the defensive front to get Campbell out of sync. If we get those two things, and we always think we will, we'll be in good shape. While Colts at Texans gets the division’s biggest billing and Tebow is a story in Jacksonville, we’ll quietly move to 1-0.