Power Rankings: How AFC South fared

Here are ESPN.com’s NFL Power Rankings heading into Week 1, which typically make for lively debate. I’m one of four panelists, with John Clayton, Mike Sando and James Walker.

Here’s how the AFC South fared:

  • 1st -- Indianapolis, high vote first, low vote second

  • 14th -- Houston, high vote 12th, low vote 15th

  • 16th -- Tennessee, high vote 14th, low vote 19th

  • 25th -- Jacksonville, high vote 24th, low vote 26th

As for teams where I strayed by at least five slots from the rest of the pack:

  • Cincinnati is 12th, and I have the Bengals 18th, five spots lower than anyone else. I’m just not a believer in the Bengals as more than a one-year wonder.

  • Philadelphia is 15th, and I have the Eagles 11th, five spots higher than anyone else. I like Kevin Kolb and I like the idea of an Andy Reid team with young talent.