Caldwell weighs in on Anthony Gonzalez

Jim Caldwell reacted about as you’d expect to Anthony Gonzalez expressing dismay earlier this week about his role.

Here’s Caldwell Wednesday, according to a team transcript:

On if he was distressed by Gonzalez’ comments on Monday:

“Distressed? No. Probably the best way to sum it up would be this: In that locker room we probably have some of the most competitive men in the world that just have an obsessive desire to be on top. If you don’t have that kind of drive you do not last very long in this league, and I think that is something you have to consider. If there was anything in dealing with miscommunication that is strictly my fault. That is one of the things we have to make certain of that we communicate clearly so guys do understand their role. But we have a 53-man roster and it is a 16 game regular season, and that is a long time. Everybody on the team has a role to play, a significant role at that, and we need all 53 men to win. He is one of those men. Even though he may be disappointed about where he is located, I do not think there’s one guy that is happy about being anywhere but No. 1 at his spot. I think he will handle the disappointment like a professional, like he always has and we will be fine.”

On expecting Gonzalez to be the punt returner on Sunday:

“He has a chance to be. He is certainly a guy that is going to work at it. He has been working at it. He is very capable.”

I have no idea if we will see Gonzalez with the return role. Peyton Manning said he thinks Gonzalez can make some big plays for the Colts in that capacity.

But we could see Devin Moore handling kickoffs and punts.