With Ugoh gone, Johnson's health big story

The Colts parted ways with Tony Ugoh -- I wrote up the news here. How much does that raise the level of concern about the Colts offensive line?

UgohUgohIn that they lose an experienced player who could be put inside at guard or outside at tackle, a lot. In that they could trust him to be a consistent performer there, not nearly as much.

They may come to say it boiled down to his foot injury and not his production.

But no matter the rationale, Indy claimed Joe Reitz off waivers from Miami and cleared away Ugoh to get the roster spot. Reitz originally signed as a free agent with Baltimore in 2008 out of Western Michigan.

Charlie Johnson was limited in practice Wednesday with a foot injury. If he cannot start at left tackle Sunday or if he cannot finish, Peyton Manning’s blind side protector is likely to be undrafted free agent Jeff Linkenbach. With Reitz possibly next in line.

At some point, the strain on the line and on Manning as a result of it becomes too much.

I’d expect Linkenbach to get constant help from rookie tight end Brody Eldridge if he played.

Still, those guys against Mario Williams get the Colts line closer to that breaking point than they've ever been.