What I think they're thinking...

What I think they are thinking in the headquarters of the four (not five) AFC South teams on Monday…

Houston Texans

Hey, that’s a great win. Those are two great wins. We’ve showed a lot of what people questioned us about -- fortitude and killer instinct. There are some 2-0 teams out there who drew a favorable schedule out of the gate. We’re not one of those. We’re in a different category; we’re in the category of teams that feel like they’ve really got something special coming together. But we have to allow for it to continue being the fruit of our good work, not pondering it too much or coming to expect it or feeling we’ve made it. All we’ve made it to is 2-0. How cool is it to be the hot Texas team with Dallas coming to town?

Indianapolis Colts

Well that was more like it. Wasn’t it kind of the Giants to come to Lucas Oil Stadium with foolhardy game plans that made it pretty easy for us to do our thing and wind up at 1-1? It did wonders for our confidence with regard to our ability to run it (which we did as much as we have in a long, long time) and to stop people from running it (which we did well until they couldn’t really try anymore and had to throw more). We may still be dinged up on the offensive line, but it feels like a lot less of a concern today, just as we expected it would.

Jacksonville Jaguars

We sure hope the same schedule rotation is in place next season with a new CBA, because then the farthest west we’d travel would be Cleveland. Surely we can handle a trip to Cleveland better than we did our last three way west, including that debacle in San Diego Sunday. David Garrard wants to erase it from his memory, but we just can’t do that. It’s the reason a young quarterback is priority one after this season. But what to do now? We hope for more of the three-touchdown Garrard than the four-pick Garrard as we prepare for Philadelphia.

Tennessee Titans

Jeff Fisher’s really got to sell us on the rationale for pulling our captain and quarterback. A lot of signal-callers are going to struggle against Pittsburgh. This franchise is supposed to believe in Vince Young when the coach didn’t? Confusing. Were we as prepared for that game as we could have been? It sure didn’t feel like it. Mike Tomlin gets a big check mark in the coaching competition from this one. We’re embarrassed by the offensive effort and the seven turnovers. No, the Steelers didn’t have a premier quarterback, but the defensive effort was outstanding and we can build on that.