Quick notes from Scouts Inc.

Gary Horton of Scouts Inc. shares his weekly observations with the blog network, and there was enough from his out of this weekend on the AFC South that I thought I’d share one nugget on each team:

Houston -- “The Raiders’ defense was the perfect opponent for the Texans’ zone blocking run game on Sunday. Oakland tends to over pursue, and they don’t have great lane discipline and that allows a back like Arian Foster to cut back against the grain to allow his OL to seal lanes and let those backside runs create big gains (249 yards on the ground Sunday).”

Indianapolis -- “We have known for years that this is an athletic, but undersized, defense, who flies to the ball and plays with the motto that “we play the run on the way to the QB? ...They are at their best when they are in a chase mode because opposing offense are forced to abandon the run early and start throwing - and this is the ultimate defense that is at its best when they play from a lead. However, when you slow them down with the run, run right at their up field pass rushers, and cut block them (which defensive players hate), it makes them much less effective.”

Jacksonville -- “The coaches are concerned about the lack of production by RB Maurice Jones-Drew. He is only averaging 3.8 yards per game and defenses are stacking at least 8 defenders in the box and they ‘dare’ QB David Garrard to go deep vs. single man coverages…and he can’t get it done. Unless this passing game gets going there will be no room for Jones-Drew to run although he looked better vs. the Colts on Sunday.”

Tennessee -- “The Titans have done a terrific job so far of putting opposing offense into difficult 3rd down situations. Over 50 percent of the time those offenses have been in 3rd and 10 or longer territory and that makes defensive play calling a lot easier as they play a lot of pass defense on third down.”