Looking at early Texans' offense

Gary Kubiak was miserable over what his offense failed to do early in Sunday’s awful loss against the Giants.

It was 21-0 with 12:56 on the clock and that was basically the end of trying to establish Arian Foster and the run game.

“We abandoned it when it was 21-0,” Kubiak said in his Monday news conference. “I think we had run 13 offensive plays and it was 21-0. I don’t know that you could establish anything in 13 football plays. At that point, it was abandoned. I did not try to run the ball; that’s on me, not on the players. I’m trying to get us back in the football game. But to say you abandon something when you’ve only run 13 snaps, I don’t think that’s the right observation.”

Of those 13 offensive plays, nine were negative: two passes batted at the line, a fumble by Matt Schaub, a pass for a loss, two runs for a loss, an interception, a pass breakup that was nearly another pick and a throw-away from Schaub while under pressure.

I’m not apologizing for the poor defense, but this is an offensive football team and the way it has to withstand good offense by an opponent is sometimes going to be by matching or surpassing it.

“I am really disturbed, looking specifically on the offensive side of the ball, like I said, we ran 13 plays,” Kubiak said. “We’re down 21-0 and we must’ve had eight, nine M.A.’s (missed assignments) in our first 13 plays. That has not been us at all. We’ve been somewhat consistent from that standpoint. I’m trying to look at, what did I do in that game? What did I ask them to do that was abnormal or not good? Or something they couldn’t do.

“I was concerned about the focus and when I’m concerned about the focus, I have to go look at what we asked them to do as coaches and me specifically. I was just very, very concerned by the first 13 snaps of the game. I don’t know where they came from. Hopefully, we can get rid of them.”

The Chiefs are less threatening than the Giants on offense. On defense, the Chiefs can be quite good, but KC doesn't rush the passer as well as New York.

Without a better plan and better execution, the Texans could come out of the Kansas City game no longer holding a share of first place.