Factors for two terrible pass defenses

In the Texans and the Jaguars, we’re seeing two horrible pass defenses in action. Houston’s dead last and Jacksonville is 29th.

Over at the ESPN Stats & Info blog, Jason Vida took this look at the two.

Of particular interest:

  • Gary Kubiak's club is the first in NFL history to allow 22 pass TDs with fewer than five interceptions in its first nine games of the season.

  • Jacksonville has just five sacks when not blitzing in 2010, more than only three NFL teams.

  • Opponents are completing 56.3 of their deep passes against Jacksonville and averaging more than 21 yards on such attempts, making the Jaguars the league’s worst pass defense against the deep ball this season.

While both teams have tried and will continue to try to cover up weaknesses, both of their struggles come down to one thing that cannot be corrected during the season: personnel.

Houston’s rush is insufficient, it’s overly reliant on young cornerbacks and it depends too much on free safety Eugene Wilson.

Jacksonville restocked its defensive line through the draft and with the free-agent addition of Aaron Kampman (who’s now lost for the year.) Still, the rush without blitz help hasn’t been great. The team knew it had issues at safety, it just thought it could survive them with an improved rush.

Mark both teams down for secondary help in the free agent market and the draft.