Polian on Fisher: 'Few guys I respect more'

INDIANAPOLIS -- Bill Polian doesn’t know Gary Kubiak or Jack Del Rio the way he knows Jeff Fisher, and he had not yet watched his team squeeze out a win over the Titans.

So it didn’t make sense to ask him about Kubiak or Del Rio going forward, but I did have a chance to ask him about Fisher, with whom he has long served on the NFL’s competition committee.

Fisher's future with the Titans is in question -- though he emphasized after Sunday's game that he's under contract for next season and hopes to be back. It's unclear how quickly Bud Adams intends to sort things out.

Here’s what Polian had to say about Adams' coach:

“I’m not going to tell anybody else how to run their business. All I can tell you is, there are very few guys in this league that I respect more than Jeff Fisher, both as a colleague on the competition committee and a leader in this league, and most importantly as a coach on the field.

“You measure coaches by how their teams play when there is nothing at stake. And there was nothing at stake for those guys [Sunday]. They were prepared flawlessly, basically they played flawlessly except for the one fumble. They had a great plan on both side of the ball and they executed that plan and as a result the game went 60 minutes.

“I didn’t expect anything less because I know what Jeff Fisher is all about. He’s a great competitor, he’s a great coach, he’s got a great coaching staff and they did a heck of a job.

“I have a world of respect for him.”