Smart stuff: Your best of the week

The five smartest things I’ve seen from readers this week via comments, Facebook, Twitter and my mailbag.

In a Facebook conversation spurred by a radio appearance, Nathan Cherolis said: "As several NFL guys have pointed out... blowing a top 3 QB pick usually sets a franchise back years. Fisher was able to stave that off for years... but it finally blew up on him.

"In my estimation... the mediocrity of the last 5 years proves that Jeff Fisher is one of the three or four best coaches in the NFL."

PK says: I think that’s overrating Fisher, but your broad point is a good one.

Luke Milner critiqued my impression of Jim Caldwell in this Double Coverage: “The impression of Caldwell needs a lot of work. Try to sprinkle in some ‘certainly’ and ‘kind of sort of’ and ‘he's a guy that.’”

PK says: I certainly tried hard and thought I kind of, sort of sounded like him. But he’s a guy that’s not super distinct.

Regarding my Facebook question about how sea salt has become the rage and I’ve missed it, Jonas Dyhrfjeld-Johnsen said: "Regular salt (the plain white stuff) is purified NaCl. Grey (or other color) salts contain multiple other minerals that are useful for your body. Similar to white bread vs. Whole grain."

PK says: I’m sold. Finley, pour out all our white salt.

In response to this post with Matt Williamson’s thoughts on the Texans personnel in a 3-4, @HoustonDiehards tweeted: "I like Scouts Inc, but I'm gonna take Wade's opinion over theirs. Wade could have other DC jobs. I don't think Wade is glad-handing to get the job a-la Kubiak keeping Carr a year. He's a proven 34 guru."

PK says: I sought out Williamson’s opinion, which I respect. But as I said, I don’t think a change is a bad idea. Be the different defense in the division -- and redefine that difference from being terrible to being a 3-4.

In a Facebook discussion of my post reviewing Vince Young’s reaction, Jen Showalter said: “One of the cardinal signs of immaturity (TO ME) is assuming that if you say something, it's true. VY needs to stop talking about maturity and show he's mature through his actions. Good article...he was probably upset and wigged out and...stay off the Twitter when you're like that, Vince. I think his later tweets probably came from his agent.”

PK says: Actually, the comment in question was from Young’s interview with Jim Wyatt. I agree with the idea that a lot of immature people think if they repeatedly say something they think it’s the truth.

And one not so smart contribution, from Jesse Gilliam in Lebanon, TN: “u are a fat pasta, spagetty, liguini eating not talent new jersey racist bum”

PK says: I do like pasta, though penne is my favorite.