Resist over-interpreting combine meetings

INDIANAPOLIS -- Listen to players on draft day, minutes removed from hearing their name called or seeing it scroll across the ticker.

A good share of them say they thought their new team was interested in them, that they talked to them a good deal. And roughly just as many say they were surprised, because the team that selected them showed no sign of interest at all.

That’s why, over the next four days in the AFC South Blog’s coverage of the NFL scouting combine, we will not spend any time telling you that Player X said he’s met with the Colts and Player Y didn’t say he’s met with the Jaguars. Sometimes they’ll be talking to the media before they talk to teams and they won’t know their entire schedule. Other times, halfway finished with meetings or even with their list complete, they won’t remember it.

Sometimes a reporter with a Tennessee interest will be sure to ask about the Titans while there will not be a question about the Texans. Does that make one more or less interested than the other?

These guys have jam-packed combine schedules. They’ll meet with a load of teams, and they have immediate recall of them all. Their incomplete snapshot recollection won’t likely correlate to anything significant.

Besides which, a team could meet with a guy and absolutely hate him just as easily as it can fall in love.

So while just about all of them will be asked to name teams they’ve connected with, I will choose not to give any volume to mentions or non-mentions of our four teams.

And in spots where you read or hear of such things, I encourage you to consider this post and not give such news, or lack of it, much weight.