Arm strength: Collins vs. Palmer

Jim in glorious Greenville, S.C., writes: How does Kerry Collins' arm compare to Carson Palmer's? It seems the Titans may be able to get Palmer cheap. I like Palmer's fit with the Titans as you do, but I'm concerned that his repaired elbow and knee will thwart the deep ball. Do you have the same concern? Collins' arm strength is underrated in my opinion.

Paul Kuharsky: Palmer’s been a hot topic for Titans fans and I think he's the best combination of attractive option and manageable trade price for a veteran. That presumes of course his arm is OK. If it is, with good coaching, good protection and a good running game, I think he could be resurrected for a nice Act II.

On arm strength, I went to Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc.:

“Palmer is the toughest quarterback in the NFL for me to analyze arm strength. That is because of his injuries. Over the past two seasons, he looks nothing like he did in his prime in terms of throwing the football. He used to be an amazing passer. But now, his mind writes checks that his arm can no longer cash. It just doesn't get there like it used to...until the San Diego game late in the 2010 season. In that game, Palmer looked like the old Palmer. I don't know if it was the 1st time in two years that he was healthy or if it was just an aberration, but Palmer was slinging it against the Panthers. If that guy is the true Palmer, then Palmer has the better arm. If not, Collins does by a large margin. Arm strength has always been Collins' best asset.”

Collins can fire it, but it hasn’t made him a good deep-ball thrower in recent seasons.

Whether Palmer is in the picture or not, I see the Titans moving away from Collins as their veteran guy. Mike Munchak has made some pretty sweeping changes, and sticking with a guy that was a Jeff Fisher/Mike Heimerdinger favorite is unlikely in my eyes.

That said, perhaps finding another option while waiting on a draft pick to be ready is too difficult.