Bruce and Kevin Matthews will limit talk

Tennessee Titans center Kevin Matthews will have to avoid any talk about the NFL labor impasse with his dad and coach Bruce. AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

"How was work today, son?"

"Well dad, though you are a Hall of Famer in my field, I’ve been told I can’t talk to you about it. How was work for you?"

"Well, son, though I am your direct supervisor, I’ve been told I can’t talk to you about things at the office."

"How’s your bracket looking?"

Coaches are caught in the middle of the NFLPA’s decertification and the NFL’s subsequent lockout. They are not to have contact with their players.

In the case of Titans offensive line coach Bruce Matthews and his son, Kevin, a Titans offensive lineman, it creates the potential for some awkward dinners.

A Titans executive says indications are that the league understands the two can’t avoid contact, but that they are expected to steer clear of discussing the labor impasse or team-related matters.

That’s a reasonable take by the league, but governing what a father and son can discuss in their private time is tricky business.

That said, Bruce -- hired by Mike Munchak for his first full position coach job -- and Kevin -- who made the Titans’ roster late-last season off the practice squad -- are low-key guys who will know they fall under an unusual brand of scrutiny here.

Any extra attention that could come their way as a result of that would make them exceedingly uncomfortable, so they’re likely to do all they can to avoid bringing any such spotlight on themselves.

They aren't sharing a place, so that helps. Even so, during visits and time together for the foreseeable future, they’ll tip-toe around more than each other’s dirty laundry.