Dallas Clark heading for 'Criminal Minds'

Dallas Clark is going Hollywood, but he says Peyton Manning doesn’t have to worry.

Clark’s filming a cameo on an episode of “Criminal Minds” Monday, but promises his lines will not challenge Manning’s famous “Cut That Meat,” chant from an old MasterCard commercial.

“You won’t hear this chanted at a game, you won’t hear this,” said Clark, the Indianapolis tight end. “It’s very short and very limited, which is smart on their part just in case I really, really stink, then they can just cut me.”

I spoke to Clark on Tuesday afternoon. You can read about his wrist rehab and lockout thinking in this news story.

He got the part in "Criminal Minds" after meeting the show’s story editor, Rick Dunkle, at a game this season. Dunkle is a big Colts fan.

Clark will play plain clothes detective Austin Kent, a member of the San Diego Police Department who asks two important procedural questions during the Behavior Analysis Unit’s (BAU) presentation of the UnSub’s (that’s “bad guy” to the uninitiated) psychological profile to local law enforcement.

He’ll get paid scale, which is fun to say but shouldn’t amount to a whole bunch for a bit part for a Pro Bowl football player.

Clark said he’s become a fan of the show since meeting Dunkle. (I confess to taking in too many episodes in reruns.) I am curious how the 6-foot-3, 252-pound Clark measures up to Shemar Moore, who plays agent Derek Morgan and looks to have a football player’s size and build.

Clark is to film his part on Monday for an episode that will air in two weeks or a month. He was very funny in talking about his expectations, joking that he’s hopeful he can turn it into some sort of call-back and recurring role.

He’s not compelled to ask Manning for any acting advice.

“I’ve seen enough of those, I think I’ve kind of been able to catch a few tips here and there, so I won’t have to personally ask him,” Clark said of Manning and his extensive commercial experience. “I’m interested in asking the actual actors and getting feedback from the director on what direction my character is going.

“I need to know, has he had a bad day, is he upset about something, is he jealous? I mean what’s my motivation? That’s kind of what I am looking for.

“Because the script just gives me the lines, and I don’t know what angle I am coming from.”