On Bowers, Kolb and Locker vs. Ponder

Playing a bit of catch up on some issues connected to the AFC South:

Bowers' stock: Even before what was reported to be an unimpressive pro day Friday, the stock of Clemson defensive end Da'Quan Bowers was falling, according to Adam Schefter:

“For starters, teams have medical questions about him and his knees. It's a real concern. Another front-office exec told me that his biggest questions about Bowers were not his medicals but his video. He watched the tape and didn't see what some others have. He said that of Bowers' 15 sacks last season, six came when he wasn't blocked and three others came from a certain kind of scheme -- so his 15 sacks last season are effectively down to six. The film also showed his effort was not consistent and his production was spotty.

“After listening to some people talk about Bowers, it will not surprise me if he falls out of the top 10 or even out of the top 20.”

I wrote last week about Bowers as an attractive option for the Titans at No. 8 overall. Would his his medical issues prompt them to pass?

Alternate plans: Mel Kiper says Temple defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson could be a contingency plan for the Titans at No. 8 if things don’t pan out in ideal fashion for Tennessee.

Missouri linebacker Aldon Smith and UCLA linebacker Akeem Ayers are secondary names Kiper likes for Houston. The Jaguars could be the team that takes the third quarterback or reaches a little on a receiver. And the Colts could consider a defensive tackle like Stephen Paea of Oregon State or Jurrell Casey of USC.

Trading Kolb: I don’t think the Titans would pay what Kevin Kolb would cost in a trade. But no one ranks as more quarterback needy than Tennessee, so the Titans have to be kept in mind in any conversation about the quarterback who could be dealt by the Eagles.

John Clayton thinks Philly should move Kolb and take advantage of the value the Eagles have created with him, while Michael Tanier thinks the team should hold on to Kolb.

Ponder vs. Locker: KC Joyner says Christian Ponder’s got a lot of things on his résumé that should put him ahead of Jake Locker in the draft.

Why is Locker still ranked ahead of Ponder by so many?

"[T]he most likely reason is that many scouts are still using the mind's eye system. Their initial mental image of Locker was as a dominant prospect and, as is so often the case, first impressions are the strongest.

"It should also be the first one to go when the metrics indicate otherwise."