Mailbag: Why the Texans could go DE

Cory from Dayton, Ohio, writes: Are you a fan of all four AFC South teams or not really a fan (more of an observer) of them? As a Colts' fan, I find it hard to imagine being a fan of any other team. I enjoy watching the other AFC South teams, but if it helps the Colts, I will always want them to lose (even if I like seeing them playing well).

Paul Kuharsky: I'm not a fan of any team except the Yankees and US Soccer, really. It’s not how the job or the business works. I root for good stories, returned phone calls, etc.

mlivey from Jasper, Texas, writes: Why does the National media think that Houston will draft a defensive end in the first round? The 11th pick of the draft should start. If Houston goes DE at 11, you tell me who you put on the bench. Antonio Smith is their highest graded lineman from last year or Mario Williams their best sacker. You can only play two. Look for Houston to draft an OLB or CB.

Paul Kuharsky: If there are multiple, high-quality defensive ends there, they can’t force it with another position that’s not as good. So they either take the best end and have great depth there -- being able to rotate three guys. Or they trade back to a spot where an OLB or something else of need will be the best value. Or, if they follow your instructions, they potentially force a pick to meet a need.

Pete Timm from Houston writes: You are either blind, haven't watched must football in the two years or are just plain stupid. Ranking Mario Williams over Clay Matthews for rushing the QB. Mario gets most of his sacks against sub-.500 teams and is NEVER doubled cause he sucks. Lost all respect for your NFL opinion.

Paul Kuharsky: A) Williams can’t help who his sacks come against. He’s asked to go get the quarterback, no matter who’s blocking him or who that quarterback is.

B) He’s is actually regularly doubled because no one else on the line is consistently threatening.

C) Matthews is great too.

Jason from Philadelphia writes: Your question and poll about the second most popular division player is a good one. If the voting for the cover of Madden 12 is any indication, Jones-Drew is more popular than Dwight Freeney and Andre Johnson is more popular than Chris Johnson. In my eyes it comes down to AJ vs. MJD with MJD taking the crown. AJ is great but I think his quiet demeanor keeps him under the radar more than MJD who can be pretty vocal at times.

Paul Kuharsky: I could go either way. Here’s the post with the current results. Good three-way race.

Narinder Singh from Panama writes: Here's a funny idea...where would you have ranked Tony Dungy in the coaches ballot?

Paul Kuharsky: I think second. I’ve been asked about Jeff Fisher too. He hurt himself a lot in 2010. But still, with the weaker guys in the back half of my Top 10, he would have been there.

Vic in Nashville writes: I've been reading that the Titans sent a huge contingency to Jake Locker's pro day, including offensive coordinator Chris Palmer. Not completely sure, but I don't think we sent those numbers to players like Ryan Mallett or Blaine Gabbert's pro day. The Titans aren't thinking crazy and considering drafting Locker with the No. 8 pick are they? I feel that would be a huge stretch. But I also highly doubt they can expect him to be there in the second round. I'm sure the new staff is looking for high integrity etc., but still, seems like a huge stretch to me.

Paul Kuharsky: I don’t see them taking Locker eighth. And I read nothing into how many people go to what workouts and how high-ranking they are. There are all sorts of variables there that can be completely disconnected from a team’s actual interest.