With second contract, Reinfeldt stronger

Mike Reinfeldt’s is going into his fifth draft on the GM job for the Titans.

While we usually have a pretty good sense of a guy as he starts his fifth year on an NFL job, I’m not sure we’re certain on Reinfeldt. Jim Wyatt reports Reinfeldt now has a contract extension that looks to run through 2014.

Reinfeldt’s a well-reasoned consensus builder, for sure. Indications are that he is easy to work with and for, and stays out of people’s way once they are set up to do their job. He’s clearly a favorite of owner Bud Adams, having played for the Oilers and played a role in prompting the owner to make some front-office hires and some big decisions (like the one to part with Vince Young.)

At the same time, Reinfeldt is a reserved guy in a market that still fondly remembers his outspoken, entertaining and often successful predecessor, Floyd Reese.

Reinfeldt’s worked quietly in an organization that up until recently had been fronted by coach Jeff Fisher and where the big operation is overseen by Steve Underwood, the franchise’s senior assistant vice president, general counsel and executive assistant to Adams.

But Fisher's been replaced by first-time coach Mike Munchak and Underwood is set to retire this summer.

Though the team won’t make a big deal of it, Reinfeldt is clearly gaining power and profile. How he handles it will go a long way towards determining his ultimate story as a lead executive.

I think he’s a pretty shrewd drafter who’s learned from mistakes -- two of his worst were in the his first draft, in second-round running back Chris Henry and third-round receiver Paul Williams -- and will get better.

We will get a better idea of that at the end of the month, and as we see how another class pans out.