QB Power Rankings: Manning got my vote

Give me Tom Brady or Peyton Manning and I will be perfectly happy.

Call me a divisional homer for voting Manning No. 1 in our quarterback Power Rankings, I can take it.

Here is Pat Yasinskas’ writeup of the polling.

Obviously Brady is phenomenal and he could quarterback my team any day. But Manning is asked to do more than any quarterback in the league, he does it exceptionally well and it makes him the league’s top quarterback in my eyes. His durability and anticipation rank a notch above everyone else.

And as Mike Sando points out, while Brady gets the check mark in the championships column, compare the recent playoff performances of Manning and Brady and Manning’s actually been better.

Scramble the order a bit if you like, but I think the top six are clear cut. The bottom three of the list includes a lot more room for debate, though I feel pretty strongly about Matt Ryan and Michael Vick, too.

I didn’t include Matt Schaub on my list, though I think he’s just on the outside of this group. I know the entire organization bristles as the characterization, but I need to see him be more clutch in big moments and big games to bump him up a few spots.

Here’s my ballot. This is just one-eighth of the final results, which you can find through the link above.

  1. Peyton Manning

  2. Tom Brady

  3. Aaron Rodgers

  4. Drew Brees

  5. Ben Roethlisberger

  6. Philip Rivers

  7. Matt Ryan

  8. Michael Vick

  9. Eli Manning

  10. Matt Cassel