With Watt, Texans quite deep at end

The Houston Texans didn’t force need.

WattWattWisconsin’s rugged J.J. Watt will be an end in Wade Phillips’ 3-4. And end in Phillips’ 3-4 is the spot where the Texans were in the best shape before the draft started.

Mario Williams and Antonio Smith rated as quality players in the old 4-3 scheme. They may be better in the new front. And the Texans will now be a deep team at the spot while they still need to address outside linebacker, at least one safety spot and cornerback on the defensive side of the ball.

Watt should help a run defense that faces Chris Johnson and Maurice Jones-Drew twice a season and crash the backfield to make quarterbacks less-than-comfortable.

Ultimately he’ll get six shots a season to do his part to attack Peyton Manning and two guys drafted a bit ahead of Watt, Tennessee’s Jake Locker and Jacksonville’s Blaine Gabbert.

At 6-foot-5, 290-pounds Watt's virtually the same size as Williams.

Many of us thought the team coveted Aldon Smith, who would have been an outside linebacker. But Smith went seventh to San Francisco.

I see no panic in this pick.

I felt some from the Texans last year in the first round when I believe they wanted running back Ryan Mathews and didn’t recover well when he disappeared ahead of schedule. They wound up with cornerback Kareem Jackson.