Is there a 'Hard Knocks' candidate here?

With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers out of the running for HBO’s "Hard Knocks" this summer -- a show that may never be taped because of the lockout -- I thought we’d look at the possibilities for the show to find a home in the AFC South …

The Colts operate in as much secrecy as any team in the NFL. Surely HBO would love to watch Peyton Manning in a meeting room, Bill Polian in a war room and Jim Irsay in a boardroom. They are also surely on the “absolutely no chance" list.

The Titans have a very reserved head coach in Mike Munchak and a very reserved general manager in Mike Reinfeldt. As far as internal operations are interesting, a rebuilding team could be interesting. But on the heels of the Jets and Rex Ryan, they’d get creamed for being less-than-riveting personalities. And they’d sooner operate off the big radar.

The Jaguars would make for compelling TV. You’d have the David Garrard-Blaine Gabbert interaction, which would be fascinating. Jack Del Rio is likely coaching for his job. It would broaden the national view of the team and town. But the Jaguars were featured in an early incarnation of the show in 2003. GM Gene Smith is no-nonsense and not flashy and probably wouldn’t like intruding cameras.

The Texans were reportedly interested last year before the Jets got it. I don’t know why Houston wouldn’t be interested again. It’s a team that needs to learn how not to fold. One way to help that process, quite honesty, would be to create attention, expectations and pressure before a real game even kicked off. "Hard Knocks" would be a great vehicle for doing that.