Gabbert, Ponder yucking it up on Twitter

While studying up for the next installment of the NFL Twindex and requesting your help in pointing me to stuff I shouldn’t miss, I’ve been directed to a quality back-and-forth between a couple of rookie quarterbacks.

Christian Ponder’s been having a good time making fun of Blaine Gabbert for heading to Key West on vacation. Gabbert did well talking about all he did to free up the vacation time.

The good-natured banter is a bit of a commentary on what some fans/cynics would expect them to do before thinking it appropriate for them to have any summer fun.

A sampling:

@BlaineGabbert: Early flight...will be in the Key's in a matter of hours. I'm pumped

@cponder7: @BlaineGabbert I can't believe you are actually going out and having fun--You need to spend 26 hours out of each day studying the playbook

@BlaineGabbert: @cponder7 have you thrown your 1,971 passes today and ran your 10k? I have and 1300 pull ups. That's why I can fish and hang with my family

@BlaineGabbert: @cponder7 well come catch one more, gimme one of them post route things

@cponder7: @BlaineGabbert it's called a bang 8...obviously you haven't been studying if you didn't know that...good luck with an incompetent QB#Jags

@BlaineGabbert: @cponder7 it's a Glance. Are u still on your Viking ship from Norway? Or wherever you come from

@cponder7: @BlaineGabbert at least my mascots didn't go from one cat to another..tigers and jags #prrrrrr oh so scaryyy...

@cponder7: Going to throw and get better with #ChrisWeinke at #IMG while others (@BlaineGabbert) are frolicking in the Keys working on their tan

Fun stuff. Please don’t take it seriously and turn it into something more.

They’ve gotten themselves in the mix for the Twindex. What else have you seen that I need to be sure I’ve seen?