Tidbits from Kiper's summer audit

Here are some snippets from Mel Kiper’s summer audit of the AFC South, an Insider file you can find here.


“With the technique and footwork necessary to do a good job as a blindside pass protector in the NFL, what [Anthony] Castonzo now must do is improve his strength. Villanova's Benjamin Ijalana could have gone far earlier, and was a steal in Round 2. With Castonzo penciled in as their left tackle, Ijalana will be stationed at guard or right tackle. The more pressing need at the present time is at the former…”

“At one point, I thought Michigan State CB Chris L. Rucker could be a second- or third-round pick. With the size necessary to match-up with the more physical receivers in the league, he was a nice addition at that point in the draft.”

“Reggie Wayne will be 33 this season, and there isn't an heir on the roster as a No. 1 -- as he was for Marvin Harrison.”


“Blaine Gabbert possesses an impressive arm and good overall athleticism. He's a bright kid and a good leader. But he needs to work on such things as deep-ball accuracy, staying in the pocket and finding the open receiver instead of taking off at the first sign of trouble. I would have had an issue with him being one of the first five picks in the draft; I do not have a problem with him going tenth…”

“While they've done some good work adding young talent on the interior of that defensive line, again they need free agency help on the edges. They absolutely must do something at the safety position as well.”


“I like [J.J.] Watt; he plays hard, does a great job with hand usage and is very productive. I also like Brooks Reed, a pass-rusher they got in the second round who could have gone higher. He has the kind of initial explosiveness that you look for in a player at the position…”

“I don't think the Texans could have done enough to add talent on the defensive side of the ball, and while they did a great job hitting needs, an interior lineman has to be on the shopping list. Beyond that, while they tried to add safety help in the draft and may have some talent, that's not a position you simply turn over to a rookie if you can help it.”


“There are no questions surrounding Washington QB Jake Locker's talent or work ethic. But a lot of improvement needs to take place as a pocket passer before I'm going to be sold on him as a long-term answer under center…”

“There's enough talent on this roster where mortgaging the season while a quarterback tries to work out some pretty considerable developmental issues might be a mistake. Beyond that, for whoever plays quarterback, is there enough talent at the wideout position?”

“Last year, we wondered just how many players the opposition would put in the box to stop Chris Johnson. Does that question look any different this year?”