Two thoughts on how free agency could look

If free agency arrives for players who are unsigned after four years of service and teams have to spend at least 93 percent of the salary cap as we expect, I foresee two things:

  • There will be a ton of money spent on free agents as soon as a deal is finalized, and teams should be aggressive in grabbing a couple players who can help. Because having to spend at least that 93 percent means that teams will do more to lock up their own guys. And when teams lock up their own guys, there will be fewer quality players hitting free agency down the road. This could be the last, large, high-quality crop of free agents. Even if you aren’t a big buyer, this is the year to consider straying a bit from your philosophy.

  • We’re going to wind up talking a lot more about the 93 percent floor than we will about the full cap. It’s been quite some time since the cap was dictating a bunch of cost-cutting moves. The cap grew, teams got better at managing it overall and cap casualties were down. I predict we will have bigger conversations about some teams getting to 93 percent than we will about teams having trouble staying under the total cap.