Foster's not anti-fantasy, just pro-human

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster thinks he has figured out what caused hamstring problems and he says the plan is for him to be ready for the season opener against the Indianapolis Colts on Sept. 11.

I understand both what he said and the point he was trying to make with a tweet Sunday following Saturday night’s game in San Francisco when he re-injured his left hamstring.

Later, after negative reaction to that he wrote:

And after ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd joked about things, Foster asked Cowherd: "Did you want to be a critic as a child? Or did your dreams die with your humility?"

Monday Foster talked with the Houston press and reiterated his thought in more than 140 characters.

"That’s part of the game but my tweet -- the fact that we’re talking about Twitter is amazing to me; but my tweet got taken out of context. What I was saying was that people that value a digital game over a human being’s health is just kind of weird to me. That’s all that I meant by that. People took it as, oh, I don’t care about fantasy football. I think it’s good for the game; it gets people that don’t really watch into it. I’m on my mother’s fantasy football team, so you know, I got to do good. It got taken out of context. I love all my fans and if you’ve been following me on Twitter, you know kind of person and human being I am and if you know me, you know what kind of human being I am. I try to promote peace, man, because that’s what I’m about.”

Foster may be the most interesting person in the AFC South, and one of the most interesting players in the league. I’ve enjoyed the dialogue I’ve had with him when we’ve talked. He enjoys give and take and likes to ask his questioners questions.

As for how to avoid further hamstring issues going forward, he thinks he's discovered a diet issue that can resolve things.

“Yeah and I pretty much know what I’ve been doing wrong now,” he said. “… I think a lot of it was my nutrition. I was cutting out a lot of carbs in my diet, trying to get lean. I’m am lean but I was trying to get leaner. Carbs are the first things that go in your muscles when you’re burning energy. We’ve got a little plan together, so hopefully it works.”