Tempo a key for Jaguars, Luke McCown

Luke McCown came out of Sunday’s win over the Titans at EverBank Field talking tempo.

“We were breaking the huddle, we were getting to the line of scrimmage quick and getting plays off and getting back into the huddle and getting another play called real quick,” he said. “That always lends itself to putting pressure on the defense and sometimes it gives you a little hint as to what front they’re playing, what kind of scheme so to speak of what you’re going to get.”

Crisp tempo helps keep an offense on the balls of it’s feet, it helps it build on a good play and recover from a bad one. And when the defense on the other side is not having a good day, it makes them feel it more.

Reading between the lines, tempo was not something that the Jaguars felt like was working in their favor while David Garrard was at the helm.

“Tempo, change in tempo, is something we worked on,” Jack Del Rio told Jacksonville media Monday.

“No huddle, we call red ball, is something we worked on. It really wasn’t a case where we got to a lot of it yesterday but deep shots and red ball and no huddle and some of those things are things that we’ve worked on.

“Yesterday I thought there were some good examples of getting to the line and having some tempo plays that were first-sound type deals and then there were others were you got to the line and then use double cadence or checked it. So I think we used it all and I think that’s one of the strengths that Luke brings is his command of the offense and the ability to do those things.”