Gage simply silly to say no to Titans

Justin Gage confuses me.

Seriously, I am baffled by John Glennon's report that “Gage’s agent said Tuesday the Titans had interest in re-signing Gage but that the two sides couldn’t agree to terms on a deal.”


Here’s how the conversation should go for a veteran receiver who’s drawn minimal interest from around the league after being cut at the conclusion of the preseason.

Titans: “Here’s a one-year offer for the veteran minimum. We’d like you back to provide depth.”

Gage: “OK. Where do I sign? I really appreciate another opportunity and more money for being a good blocker and an unreliable pass-catcher.”

That he said "no" is crazy. What sort of leverage did he think he had?

Wyatt says the Titans worked out David Clowney, Mardy Gilyard, Johnnie Lee Higgins, Tiquan Underwood and Buster Davis. And that at least two more are scheduled for workouts Wednesday -- Donnie Avery and Juaquin Iglesias.

The report indicates Clowney leads the pack right now.

Again, I urge calm over any addition.

The new guy will rank fourth or fifth at the start. He’s not stepping into the lineup to replace Kenny Britt. He’s brought in to bolster depth, immerse himself in the system and be ready for more if Damian Williams and Lavelle Hawkins cannot give the Titans what they now need.