Tryon says Caldwell was overruled

Beware of a bitter player.

A guy who feels he's unfairly let go may be unafraid of burning bridges on his way out, and he may be emotional about his exit.

That said, we must look at the tweets last night from Justin Tryon, the outgoing Colts cornerback, as they were powerful enough to prompt a response from owner Jim Irsay.

If, in fact, coach Jim Caldwell wanted to play Tryon more and felt pressure from above preventing him to do so, Tryon's stance won't matter.

While he's calling for support of the coach, he's also revealing Caldwell can be handcuffed and overruled.

And a handcuffed coach isn't likely to gain or retain the support of his players or the team's fans when things are going badly. Caldwell doesn't care about public perception. He should care about how he's regarded in the locker room.

Is this a bitter player lashing out? Is it an isolated incident?

All we can do is keep an eye out for further evidence. I do think if there was nothing to it, Irsay wouldn't have touched it.

I believe Tryon is a better player than Jacob Lacey, who's been in front of him since the lockout ended. Has Tryon's play slipped so dramatically that he's not even worth a roster spot anymore? Or are politics that go beyond keeping the best players at play?

If it's the latter, there are some big issues below the surface in Indy.