Mankins takes unsolicited shot at Jaguars D

Sam, a Jaguars fan and regular reader, thinks I’ve been too hard on the Jaguars' defense. (I wish he’d leave his email when he writes my mailbag.)

I’ve tried to couch it. The Jaguars' offense is way worse, of course. But the team’s resources for immediate results went into the defense, and a veteran group needs to carry the club while Blaine Gabbert endures the early hardships of being a rookie quarterback with limited weapons.

I’m hardly the only one who thinks the Jaguars' defense can do more.

Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald tweeted that Patriots guard Logan Mankins took an unsolicited shot at Jacksonville’s defense Wednesday when answering a question about the Jets' defense.

"It's not like Jacksonville, where they line up in one spot and never move or do anything different."

Now a defense isn’t required to move around or do different things. But moving around and doing different things tend to make things more complicated, and things being more complicated generally make things harder for an offense to sort through.

Systemically and philosophically the Jaguars are set in their ways. If their ways are to just line up and beat you, so be it. The defense has been good, not great. It’s 12th in the league in yards allowed and 10th in points allowed.

The offense has to get way, way better. It only has personnel to take it so far, however.

The defense brought in a bunch of veterans. It can still line up and perform better than it has.