Considering Avery versus Mason

Let’s stop this before the volume gets too high.

Many Titans fans are pouting this morning, suggesting that their team should have traded for receiver Derrick Mason, who was acquired by the Texans last night in a trade with the Jets that could send a seventh-round draft pick to New York.

The Titans signed Donnie Avery after Kenny Britt went down and have used him very little so far.

Look, these are different teams with different needs who sought different things.

The Titans lost Britt for the year. Their intention was to move their young players up, so they can finally get a verdict on Damian Williams and Lavelle Hawkins. They were looking for a fourth guy who might challenge for time after he got comfortable, and a guy with speed.

That’s Avery.

The Texans lost Andre Johnson, probably for three games, and decided they could use an additional veteran presence.

While the Titans have young guys they like and want to give a chance, the Texans started off thin at receiver. They don't have guys who've been waiting who they think have promise.

They know exactly what they do have in Kevin Walter (a reliable guy who can’t always separate), Jacoby Jones (an unreliable guy who can separate), Bryant Johnson (a late addition who's not a big answer) and David Anderson (a guy they were willing to part with at cut time.)

Adding Mason makes a lot more sense for the Texans than for the Titans.

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. says Mason and Avery “couldn’t be any more extreme” in the possession versus speed regard.

“Mason is very reliable, but only a short-to-intermediate player,” he said. “Avery is extremely hit or miss, but when he hits, he hits big with blazing speed.”

The Titans want to be younger and faster. Mason wouldn’t have helped in either regard. They are riding with their kids and hoping they ultimately get more hit than miss with Avery.

The Texans need depth, and they got a reliable veteran.